Trademark registration services

Registering marks is to protect legal rights and interests of the enterprise.

We will mention preliminarily about the content of Mark patent registration service as follow:

1. Application dealing time

According to Intellectual Property Law’s regulations, the deadline for mark registration is within 09 months. Yet the actual time is commonly prolonged to approximately 13-15 months, videlicet:

- Formal examination of registration applications period (01-02 months): In this period, the National Office of Intellectual Property will examine the register applicant, sort and perform other formality regulations.

- Publication period lasts 02 months from the day that the application is accepted as officially valid.

- Substantive examination of registration applications period: (12-15 months from the publication date). In this period, the National Office of Intellectual Property will evaluate the eligibility of discrimination of Mark from similar products and services applications and the eligibility of alikeness that could cause confusion with previously accepted industrial property registration applications.

- The remaining time to process the Grant of Protection Titles procedure.

In reality, time could be lengthened according to certain cases.

2. Required Information and documents to submit Mark registration application

-12 model marks. Sizes must be neither smaller than 15 x15 mm nor bigger than 80 x 80 mm (can be sent in advance via internet).

- An Authority Paper that grants authority forBac Viet Luat – BVL Law Firm to be applicant representative.

- Copies of business registration Certificate or List of products/services that need to be registered.

- Information about products/services that need to be registered.

Above are fundamental content of Mark registrations for products/services (logos) of Bac Viet Luat – BVL Law Firm. If you are interested in our service, please contact us and send model mark, list of products/services to us.

Best regards and we are willing to cooperate with you,

Bac Viet Luat – BVL Law Firm


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