Consulting services on International Economic Contract and the others.

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BacVietLuat LawFirm would like to provide our customers the consulting services on International Commercial Contract and the others.

  • Consult the legal procedures of Vietnam and International related to contract’s contents;
  • Participate and Implement the negotiated activities with our customers.
  • Assess contents in draft contract  between the enterprise and partners as enterprise’s request and regulations of Law in Draft Contract ;
  • Draft contract show the requests of enterprise and  regulations of Law;
  • Supervise implementation the contract;
  • Consult dispute settlement and remedies of contract violation;
  • BacVietLuat LawFirm always participates together in negotiating, discussing process between the partners in or out of country in fields as follows:
  1. Land, construction, bidding;
  2. Contracts related to transferring of intellectual property rights;
  3. Cooperation business Contract, joint venture Contracts
  4. Contract on selling and buying stocks, bonds;
  5. Contract on supporting technique;
  6. Contract on transferring technology between Vietnam and other countries;
  7. Contract on for renting, selling and buying, transferring, mortgage property;
  8. Contract on borrowing internal and external capital;
  9. Contract on selling, buying and distributing goods;
  10. Contract on transferring Commercial rights.


We kindly thanks and hopes to cooperate with you.

(Bac Viet Luat LawFirm)

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