Consultant service on company’s dissolution of Bac Viet Luat

Consultant service on company’s dissolution of Bac Viet Luat

Our consultant service on company’s dissolution will supply you with quality assurance and law guarantee. The content of works that our lawyers commit to carry out:

1. Consult regulations of law on company’s dissolution

    • Consult cases of dissolution of company;
    • Consult methods of organizing general meeting of shareholders of company on the dissolution;
    • Consult methods of making a decision on dissolution;
    • Consult methods of sending report on dissolution related to organizations and individuals: creditors, people that have related rights, obligations and benefits, labour;
    • Consult procedures on advertising in the paper about dissolution;
    • Consult methods of carrying out the assets’ liquidation of enterprises;
    • Consult procedures on tax code registration;
    • Consult procedures on confirming to close bank account( if any account) or committing not to open bank account;
    • Consult procedures on cancellation of stamp using and return certificate of registration of stamp sample;
    • Consult procedures on returning business registration certificate;
    1. 2. Lawyers of Bac Viet Luat will finish documents on company’s dissolution:
    • Minutes of the meeting on dissolution;
    • Decision on dissolution;
    • Dissolution announcement;
    • Official documents on confirming to have no debt of tax at Department of Customs;
    • Official documents on confirming to close bank account or to commit not to open bank account;
    • Official documents on announcing dissolution sent to tax department and official documents on proposing tax balance;
    • Other related documents;
    1. 3. Scope of working implementation of lawyers of Bac Viet Luat:
    • Consult and draft documents related to winding up a business;
    • Represent enterprise to submit documents at Department of business registration;
    • Co-operate with enterprises to conduct procedures on returning stamp at Police;
    • Represent enterprises to receive confirmation of returning stamp of police;
    • Represent enterprises to receive answers of result of documents;
    • Represent enterprises to receive the result of dissolution;
    • Draft related procedures for enterprise to close tax code at tax department and bank account at bank;
    (Bac Viet Luat LawFirm)

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