Consultancy service of establishing enterprise

1. Consulting the regulations on each form of company

  • Consult model and structure of the company;
  • Consult method on operation and management;
  • Consult the relationship among management titles;
  • Consult rights and obligations of members/ shareholders;
  • Consult rate and method of joining capital;
  • Consult method of sharing benefit and handling raising obligation;
  • Consult other related contents;


  1. 2. Complete document on business registration:
  • Consult and complete the minutes of the meeting of first established founders
  • Proposed paper of business registration;
  • Consult contents and draft the charter of the company;
  • Draft list of members and shareholders;
  • Authorized paper;
  • Other related documents;


  1. 3. Represent to carry out documents

  • Submit documents on changing business registration to the Department of Planning and Investment
  • Monitor process of implementation and inform the result of submitted document
  • Receive Certificate of business registration at the Department of Planning and Investment( Representative of the company along with members of Bac Viet Luat law firm will sign Certificate of business registration);
  • Submit registration form of seal carving to competent police agency and contact to carve seal for business at competent police agency
  • Receive Certificate of registration of seal sample and seal of company (Representative of the company along with members of Bac Viet Luat law firm will sign to receive the seal);
  • Register Certificate of tax registration for the company;


  1. 4. Commitments after establishing
  • Draft legal document for enterprise;
  • Supply legal related documents following requirement of customers;
  • Guide procedures before operating at headquarters of the company;
  • Discount 10% service charge next time …
(Bac Viet Luat LawFirm)

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