Bacvietluat’s service on fine art works protection

Bacvietluat’s service on fine art works protection

Fine art works are productions of art using visual and performing forms, including painting, sculpture, architecture, photography and printmaking.


1. What can you be advised?

- we consult you all legal foundation relating to the author’s rights of the fine art works.

- We consult you all documents to prepare for the protection of fine art works;

- We consult you the way to negotiate for an assigner of a part or whole of the rights; using, copying a work with permission of the author or the copyright owner…

2. Free documents include

- Grounds of assignment

- Contract for copyrights/related rights assignment.

- The agreement of working in case the fine art works were done by others

- Preparation for application for registration of copyrights, related rights of the fine art works.


3. The procedure that Bacvietluat carries out

- To represent you in the National office of intellectual property to apply for registration of the fine art works

- To represent you to follow the handed documents and the get the answer of the office.

- To receive the Copyright Registration Certificates or Related Rights Registration Certificates

- To join other legal relations for the protection of lawful rights.


4. Documents that customers give us

- 03 models of the fine art works

- 03 documents about the content of the works

- Information relating to the works, such as name, publication

- The idea of the author

- Nickname ( pen name) of author

- Detailed information about author: living place, phone number, email, fax

- The legal degree of establishment( photo) of the organization if it is the owner of the fine art works.

5. After service

-reduce 10% for the next service

- supply free law documents at :

- Free consultancy through website:

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